Rape Kit Untested For Nearly Two Years

Nearly two years after a woman says she was raped, her rape kit is finally in the hands of the state crime lab.

The Little Rock police department agrees that a two year delay in getting this rape kit to the lab for testing is unfortunate.

For the victim, it's unacceptable.

Many times over the past two years Lesley Jones has wondered what is going on with the investigation into her alleged rape.

"I've called," says Jones. "I've called so many times. I haven't really got an answer that can let me know that I can sleep at night."

We did recently get an answer.

And so did Lesley.

"The detective that was handling the case had some personal problems and she left our employment," says Lt. Terry Hastings with the LRPD. "And she worked the caseshe did interview the suspect. We have all that. But in that time she inadvertently did not send the rape kit over to be processed by the State Crime Lab."

And Lt. Hastings says neither did anyone else.

Jones says it was the evening of March 14th, 2010 when she left Club 501 in Little Rock and eventually wound up in the car of a man she had just met.

She says she resisted his advances until her life was threatened.

"He used a gun," says Jones. "So in that caseI just did what he wanted. Because I didn't want to lose my life over that anyway, you know? So I just did what I wanted."

Jones says she reported the alleged rape immediately, gave police a statement, picked her attacker out of a line-up and had a rape kit administered.

"So I went through everything I was supposed to do to make sure that they can just go on and do their job," says Jones referring to Little Rock detectives. "But I see it is notit hasn't happened."

"It is unfortunate that our detective forgot to send that over," says Lt. Hastings. "Like I said she was going through some personal problems at the time and left our employment. But that is really no excuse. It is something that we should have done and we have put measures in place to make sure that something like this does not ever happen again."

Lt. Hastings says the department has requested a rush on the rape kit testing.

The statute of limitations for rape is three years so if the evidence supports it, prosecutors will still be able to file criminal charges in Lesley's case.

Air date: March 1st, 2012