Rape victim tells her story in hopes of catching attacker

A{}woman, who's{}identity{}is{}being protected,{}was abandoned by a friend during a fight along Springer Boulevard in July, and was offered a ride by a man and woman in an older model, light colored 4 door car, similar to a Toyota Camry.{}The man was driving, and dropped the other woman off, then parked in front of a vacant lot near a liquor store and auto parts store. And that's where he raped{}the victim.{}

"Once we were there, he made me do things....And he said that he had a pistol and it was underneath his chair. He started to reach for it and I told him not to. I didn't want to risk actually even seeing it," she recalls.

That was more than{}6 months ago, but the woman is still haunted by what happened to her, and believes finding the rapist, could help her find closure.

"It's hard to let go. I kind of want a way to move past it with closure. And it's subconsciously affected me a lot. I've had to switch colleges, come back home. I can't really be too far away. I think about it a lot," she said.

{}The woman's family is offering an additional{}$3,000 reward for the man's arrest. He's described as black, with short hair and a round face.

If you know anything about that car, or the woman's attacker, call the Crimestoppers hotline at 371-4636.