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Every once in awhile an individual profiled in a Seven-On-Your-Side report years ago pops up again.

And it has happened again.

It has been awhile since somebody has called our help line with a complaint against Reginal Crosby.

We thought he was out of the home repair business.

We thought wrong.

On October the 10th Crosby fixed a leaky roof atop a Little Rock home.

Or at least that is what he told the homeowner.

It just so happened that it rained that night.

"You paid him to fix a leaky roof. Did he fix it?"

"No," replies Tanya Parker. "It still was leaking in her bedroom and in the kitchen."

Parker doesn't live in the homeher elderly mother does.

Parker was just tasked with trying to make the home as comfortable as possible.

Her realtor recommended Crosby, and she paid Crosby up front and in full$2,800.00 to fix the roof and do several repairs inside.

Crosby tried to fix the roof, came back to tell Parker it would cost more to try again, did no work inside, and hasn't returned.

"His wife's car stopped on a Thursday," says Parker. "And so then he didn't come back that week. So the following week he was going to come on a Monday. Well she was in a car accidentsupposedlyand the car was totaled I'm assuming. And then from what I understandlater on after numerous emailsthat he finally admitted that he used the funds to repair his wife's car."

Crosby has promised many times to repay Parker some moneyeven called her todaybut has yet to follow through.

Parker's realtor felt bad about giving her what has turned out to be a bad recommendation and has been working to make the inside repairs at no charge to Parker.

Crosby has not returned our call for comment.

Air date: November 29th, 2012