Record-breaking turn out for fallen soldier

BEEBE (KATV) - Saturday was an emotional one for Arkansans who attended the funeral of Sgt. Jason Swindle.

Funeral services were held at First Baptist Church in Beebe. Many came out to pay their respects and show support for the fallen soldier and his family but nobody expected so many others to do the same.

"My stepson knew Chelsea the wife of the deceased, Jason Swindle, and she's near and dear to our heart and this crushes us," said George Graham, a war veteran.

Graham, who stopped by with his wife and grandson, said the turnout for the Swindles was breathtaking.

"I'm so impressed with the turnout here of the people in Beebe and Cabot and all the bikers too. I'm telling you I'm impressed," said Graham.

The ride captain for the Patriot Guard, who has been on 54 missions so far, said he had never seen so many Guards show up for a fallen soldier.

"The family is absolutely blown away on this mission at the level of support that we've given them. I don't really know what they expected but this is a record-setting day here today by about three times up until now our highest number was approximately five hundred," said Ashby.

Whether or not those who stood and watched knew Swindle or his family, all gathered for one reason.

"The sacrifices that the soldiers make for our country are we're so grateful for it," said Johanna Keene, of Beebe.