Redfield Jr. High plays last game before closing

REDFIELD (KATV) - It was a night of mixed emotions as parents watched their kids play their heart out for the last time. Residents said the reality of a school with so much history closing down still hasn't hit them.

"The schools been here forever my parents went to this school," said MiKayla Funderburg, a former student at the middle school.

It was a packed house at Redfield Junior High School with such an energetic crowd you could never tell it's the last game they'd ever play as the Redfield Lions.

"To see it shut down and everybody go to white hall and become a Bull Dog it's kind of depressing," said Destiny Morrison, a cheerleader for the school.

Earlier this week the White Hall school board voted to close the school. The news hit hard for the this close knit community.

"When it came back and our student were told, the sixth grade class, one of them laid their heads down on the desk and wept," said Ron Meredith. His grandson attends the school.

Redfield has seen generations of students come through its doors. Linda Banks' mother attended the school. She was also a student and later taught for years.

"I played basketball out there just like those kids are playing right now," said Banks. "I sat in this classroom right here for classes," she said.

Residents say this last game isn't just any basketball game. They see their kids playing their old rivals, the cheerleaders chanting the same songs. All of that tradition, they say, will be gone along with the school.

"We're going to lose. We will dry up and blow away,' said Meredith.

But Ron says the fight for Redfield Middle School is far from over. And will go on until final buzzer.

"Fights not over they ain't seen the last of us and they ain't heard the last of us," said Meredith.

Redfield Middle School students will attend White Hall Middle School next fall.