5 ways to reduce stress with organizing

LITTLE ROCK -- Conquering stress starts at home.
People can spend up to a year of their lives searching for items lost in daily clutter, according to experts.
Getting the home clutter-free and organized is a great way to reduce stress.
"Organizing will help you and it can look a lot of different ways," explained mom Jennifer McCalmont.
McCalmont is also a professional organizer, and shared some of the ways she keeps her home organized.
1.Keep things where you use them
McCalmont starts every day in the kitchen, making breakfast and lunch for her family.
She simplifies the project by keeping things where she uses them, preferably within arm's reach.
"I've got our little cups and plates for our little girl and this is right where I'll make her lunch," McCalmont explained, showing the items stored above and below the spot where she stands to make lunches.
2.Use self-contained bins
When it's time for her to get ready, the key is easy cleanup.
"What happens on these big drawers like this if everything is loose is everything falls in and collapses and all the sudden you're digging for things," McCalmont explained.
She suggests using self-contained bins in drawers and closets, because they are easy to take out and put back.
3.Use a family calendar
Many people, like McCalmont, use smart phones to keep track of appointments.
Maintaining a family calendar in a frequently used space, like the kitchen, keeps everyone on the same page and minimizes schedule confusion.
4.Create a designated dump spot
"The first thing people do is they take off their backpacks or their purses and they just dump stuff in the house and that's another source of stress," McCalmont said.
When McCalmont gets home, she stops clutter in its tracks with a designated dump spot.
She suggests finding a space inside the door to hang keys, purses and coats. If you don't have the funds for a built-in unit, baskets and coat hooks do the trick.
5.End the day with a 10 minute sweep
Each day ends with what McCalmont calls the 10 minute sweep.
"The big thing that can kind of de-stress your life in a quick way is to take 10 minutes at the end of every day, grab all the shoes that have landed, all the toys, take them to their homes, sit down and make a to do list for the next day," McCalmont suggested.
Organizing doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.
Necessity is the mother of invention, so use what you've got.
An extra tie rack can also be used as a necklace holder.
A pantry basket can be a place for ribbons in a closet.
Instead of a fancy label maker, just print off labels from the computer and use clear packing tape to attach them.
For more organizing ideas, visit the "Erin's Organizing Tips" board on the KATV Pinterest page.