Reducing The Risk Of SIDS

Any new parent's fear is that they'll lay their baby down to sleep... and he or she won't wake up. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is the number one cause of death in infants between one to twelve months.

One nurse practitioner from Arkansas Children's Hospital wants to get the word out about how to reduce the number of deaths.

Although the number of babies who die from sudden infant death syndrome has decreased in recent years, about 2500 infants die from SIDS each year.

ACH nurse practitioner Pamela Tabor says, "SIDS peaks from 2-4 months. and very rarely happens after 6."

A lack of answers is part of what makes SIDS so frightening. There is currently no way to completely prevent it, but there are steps parents can take to help reduce the risks.

Tabor says, "Not sharing a sleep surface with a infant.. your infant should always sleep alone.. safety sleeping apparatus...playpen, bassinet, crib. Make sure mattress is fitted with a sheet. remove everything from the crib."

Arkansas Children's Hospital offers these tips, and more, in its Safe To Sleep campaign. It's a way for moms and dads to get great information about child safety, including the latest research and advice.

For instance, those padded bumpers often used in cribs... parents are now encouraged to NOT use them.

"We know better about better about bumper pads and the risk they cause... so we do better." adds Tabor.