Rep. Hammer launches website to help target scrap metal theft

SALINE COUNTY (KATV)--Targetingscrap metal theft by launching a new website.

RepresentativeKim Hammer made the announcement earlier this week, he said the purpose is tohave one central database, where they can collect information and better attackthe current rise in metal thefts.

Hammersaid, that eventually through the data compiled, he can support futurelegislation should the rates of metal thefts continue before the regularsession 2015.

It'sa shiny commodity that's easily found in the hands of scrap metal thieves. Atthe end of Friday's business day, copper sat at $3.27 per pound.

"They'reable to sell it easily and I think that's substantiated by the fact that it'sstill on the increase and it's not a resolved problem, said Hammer.

Hammeradds, this website was a necessity for reporting purposes.

"Onething we found when we were researching doing laws over the last few generalsessions was that there was not a consistent source of being able to get theinformation," said Hammer.

"Part of it is because when the crime is reported,it may be covered under destruction of property because it may carry a highersentence," he adds.

Oftentimes, these crimes can also go under-reported.

"Byconsumers coming to this website, and being able to report it, we can developsome patterns share some information with the police, because sometimes thethefts aren't even reported if it's a small amount, people may not feel it'sworth it," said Hammer. {} {} {} {}

Anotherpiece of the puzzle to help lawmakers move forward and help craft legislationis what Hammer calls this website.