Rep. Womack's son arrested on parole violation

BENTON COUNTY (40/29 News) - The sonof U.S. Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark.) has been arrested and is being held in theBenton County Jail without bond.

Our ABC station in Northwest Arkansas, 40/29 News, reports 24-year-old James Philip Womack was arrested on aparole violation Friday.

Congressman Steve Womack released thefollowing statement:

Today, our son, Philip, was taken into custody by Benton County authoritiesfor a technical violation of his parole. There are no new charges.
As many know, this has been an ongoing struggle for Philip and heunderstands that there are consequences to his actions.
Our family is encouraged by the steps he has taken to turn himself aroundand, despite this setback, will continue to support him in getting theassistance he needs.

Mark Bernthal, the director of the BentonCounty Parole Office, said Philip Womack violated one of the 12 conditions ofhis parole.

"I can tell you that it's nothing major," said Bernthal.

Bernthal did not cite specific reasons Womack was arrested on a paroleviolation. He said Womack would be offered an opportunity to spend time at the TechnicalViolators Program in Malvern.

"He'll likely take the opportunity," said Bernthal.

Philip Womack pleaded guilty to conspiracyto deliver a controlled substance after he was arrested in an incidentinvolving 6 grams of methamphetamine in 2011. He attended a prison boot camp program, asrecommended by prosecutors, instead of serving a full 10-year sentence.