Repairs & Installations

Electric Solutions offers a wide range of services as well as 24-hour emergency service.{} We use only quality parts and electric fixtures that we feel confident in putting our name behind.{} We specialize in a variety of products, and we can install all types of electrical items in your home, including, but not limited to:Installation and Repair Services:Main Electrical PanelThe main electrical panel is your distribution point for all the electric circuits in your home.{} We guarantee that your electrical panel and main service replacement project will be completed on or before the date we promised.{} We guarantee our workmanship for a minimum period of 3 years, and up to 10 years.{} If your panel or service gives you any trouble at any time during that period, we will repair the problem free of charge.{} We guarantee that all materials used will be as specified and up to the code in your area.{} Plus, we guarantee to protect the condition of your home.Sub PanelThe sub panel is an additional panel separate from the main panel that can be used to add circuits in the event you run out of room in the main electrical panel.{} We can evaluate your needs and service, and install sub panels to accommodate growing power needs.{} Sub panels are often required to create new space for circuit breakers, and to optimize your electrical system.Smoke DetectorsStrategically locating smoke detectors throughout the home can insure that the presence of smoke will be discovered in case of fire.{} Our professional technicians can install, and make recommendations for your peace of mind.LightingLighting provides illumination and encompasses a wide variety of uses, both inside the home and out.{} We will work with you on providing the most comprehensive indoor or outdoor lighting solutions for you.{} Electric Solutions specializes in residential lighting installation, and can help you with practical and aesthetic projects for your home.{} Indoor lighting is a key part of interior design, and can make a house truly feel like a home.{} It can also be an intrinsic component of landscaping.{} However, lighting represents a major component of energy consumption, accounting for a significant part of all energy consumed worldwide.{} Therefore, proper residential lighting installation can save you money and conserve natural resources at the same time.{} At Electric Solutions we will work closely with you to create your ideal lighting situation.{} All lighting systems can be fully automated and easily maintained.{} Some general categories and consideration for lighting use include:{}{} {}Task lighting - is mainly functional, and is usually the most concentrated, for purposes such as reading or inspection of materials.{}{} {}Accent lighting - is mainly decorative, intended to highlight pictures, plants, or other elements of interior design or landscaping.{}{} {}General lighting - fills in between task and accent and is intended for general illumination of an area.{} Indoors, this would be a basic lamp o a table or floor, or a fixture on the ceiling.{} Outdoors, general lighting for security and specialty lighting purposes is used.{}{} {}Interior lighting - Interior lighting systems are one of the most effective ways to increase the safety and security of your home.{} A well lit house is a deterrent to any criminal.{} You will have peace of mind and can feel safe knowing that you are coming home every night to a perfectly lit home.{}{} {}Exterior lighting - One of the most common choices in exterior illumination for homeowners is outdoor security lighting.{} Brightness and responsiveness are two of the most important characteristics to look for in outdoor security lights.{} The more illuminant a fixture is, the farther its light will carry.{} More focused illumination is important as well, so that the light does not 'get lost' I the vast darkness of the night.{} Another choice for exterior lighting is decorative, used to illuminate walkways, plants, shrubs and trees and provide ambience to a yard.{} Some of the exterior lighting solutions we offer include; flood lights, security lighting, post lights, porch and coach lighting.GeneratorsElectric Solutions generator service is one of the most comprehensive in the business.{} Because we know the importance of staying connected and staying safe when the power goes out, our technicians a highly trained and certified to install a variety of automatic stand-by generators.{} We also have maintenance agreements available to keep your generator in good working order.Surge ProtectorsSurge protectors are designed to protect electronic devices from voltage spikes.{} The average North American home faces five or more surges a day-that's 2,000 plus a year according to the National Electrical Contractors Association.{} Half of surges come from inside your home when large appliances turn on and off, and 40% of all computer crashes and data loss comes from power surges.{} Electric Solutions has the answer with our Energy Armor Surge Sentry source, phone & cable protection system as well as our point of use protection strips.Ceiling FansCeiling fans help circulate air and provide cooler air flow, allowing you to raise the thermostat setting.{} WE will hang your ceiling fan on your existing preinstalled fan box, or install new wiring, switches and a fan-rated brace box for any area of our home.Circuits/WiringCircuits and wiring refer to the network of electrical wires that run from the main electrical panel throughout your home connecting the various outlets and switches to operate appliances, equipment, and provide power to each designated area.{} We will install and provide maintenance plans for your wiring system with the least amount of intrusion.ServicesElectric Solutions is unlike any other electrical service company you've used.{} We are truly "the answer to your electrical problems" - we will only send to your home our highly trained technicians, who will do a thorough evaluation of your problem, and take the time to explain the proper procedure to fix it right.{} He will give a Staightforward price with options before any work begins.{} His truck will be stocked with thousands of part - we call it our "Warehouse on Wheels", so most repairs can be done right then and there while we are at your home not only saving you time, but money.{} All of our repairs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you are not completely satisfied with the service we have provided, we will refund all of your money.{} We offer clients our valued Home Protection Plan which provides them peace of mind of knowing there system is safe and up to date.