El Paso AR repo man arrested for stealing cars

A Bryant man gets his car stolen months ago and has just found out a repo man took it. Turns out he was just one of several to have their vehicle stolen by a man working for a repossession company.

Shane Cooper says he had only made four payments on his brand new Chevy Tahoe when one morning, on Mother's Day, it was gone.

Bryant Police find out that it was Timothy Smith of El Paso. This investigation started back in May when Cooper's car was stolen and it was not until September 19th that police were able to identify him after pulling him over for another stolen car he had on a wrecker.

Police discovered that Smith was an independent contractor for Alert Repo Service in North Little Rock and used the company tow truck to steal these cars.

They later found the Tahoe in the Arkansas River. Smith had taken out any valuables before getting rid of it.

"It made me think a lot about how I want to protect it and obviously the low jack system that was in my other one didn't work they got around it somehow so I'm not exactly sure I guess the best thing you can do is even if it's paid for keep your full coverage insurance," said Cooper.

Bryant police did arrest smith and he is charged with theft of property. He is being held at the Saline County Jail where bail was set for $5,000.