Report : Chemical in some soft drinks could cause cancer

{}According to Consumer Reports, a chemical called 4-methylimidazole, or{}4-MEI, found in the caramel coloring that's added to some sodas might cause cancer.

{}The elevated levels were found in 12-ounce cans of "Pepsi One" and "Malta Goya" in California. A Consumer Reports toxicologist says there's no reason for consumers to be exposed to the chemical, since it's avoidable and just used to color beverages. But the{}FDA says there's no reason to believe 4-MEI poses a health risk.

{}"I don't recommend that people drink a lot of soda. You have an occasional soda, it doesn't matter which one you have. You'll be fine. Water, bubbly or flat, the best way to go," said Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News Medical Editor.

{}The FDA says it's testing a variety of food and beverages with the chemical and reviewing safety data to see if any regulatory action needs to be taken.