Residents have mixed feelings about search for escaped murderer

PINE BLUFF (KATV) - It's another night on high alert for residents in Pine Bluff as the search continues for escaped murderer, Timothy Buffington. Authorities say there are no new leads, which has some living in the area on edge and others believing there's nothing to worry about. Patrol has been beefed up since Buffington made a run for it. Emergency Response Team officers flagged down both residents and passersby on Monday, searching the trunks of cars, peering in windows in their latest effort to find the escaped convicted murderer. "I've seen county sheriff's deputies, ADC agents, blood hounds, horses," said Ronnie Works, who lives right in the middle of the most heavily searched area. Works said his yard has been full of officers, but thinks Buffington has fled the area. "I personally don't believe the guy's in the neighborhood - he's done left here," said Works. However authorities believe he's still in area of the Arkansas Department of Corrections' Pine Bluff Unit where he escaped from on Saturday night. ADC and local law enforcement don't have any information that would lead them to believe he has left the area other than on foot. Officers are going door-to-door to make sure people know about the escape and to be on the lookout. "Everybody's a little fearful about it," said Curtis Warren, one of the residents spoken to by officers to make sure he was okay and aware of the situation. Living near a state penitentiary, many of the residents being warned have dealt with escapes from ADC Pine Bluff before, but Linda Kelley said this time is different. "Not anybody quite as dangerous as he seems to be," said Kelley, acknowledging other escapees. "You're always aware that it could happen around here." Kelley said she's more cautious than she is nervous about the situation, which is why she and most Pine Bluff residents said they'll be locking their doors tonight - the advice given to them by police. Shea Wilson, ADC spokesperson, said the search radius has been extended to the Jefferson/Grant County line, however the search is still concentrated around the correctional unit.