Residents rally one month after oil spill

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - One month after an oil spill rattled Mayflower, some residents are taking action to prevent another spill somewhere else.

To mark the one month anniversary Monday, the group "Arkansans Concerned About Oil Pipelines" met in Mayflower's Pearce Park. Before the spill, many homeowners at the meeting never thought they'd become activists but with no clear idea when workers will be out of their front yards, they're stepping up.

"It's really hard to trust," said one resident who spoke on condition of anonymity. "Who do you trust? The best thing we can do is come together as a community and share the information that we have with each other."

That resident has her house on the market and says she won't be back - and she's not the only one. While ExxonMobil works to get displaced residents back in their homes, homeowners who spoke with Channel 7 said they are disheartened by what looks like a mass exodus.

"Now we've got people putting 'For Sale' signs up and wanting to get away and I'm really hoping Exxon will shut this pipeline down," said homeowner Angela Harness.

While residents used the meeting to express their frustrations about the Pegasus Pipeline, activists joined them in protest of the Keystone Pipeline.

According to Glen Hooks with the Sierra Club, "About 60 percent of Arkansans are opposed to tar sands being piped through the Keystone Pipeline, which is kind of a significant finding. The tar sands that spilled through mayflower would be going through a pipeline that's 10 times larger if the Keystone Pipeline is approved."

While activists talk, lawyers debate and clean-up crews work, residents say the only ones they trust are each other.