Residents salvage belongings from apartment fire

GARLAND COUNTY (KATV) - Village Square Apartments residents gathered what belongings they could after a fire burned through 24 apartments early Wednesday morning. 22 of the 24 apartments were occupied. Garland County Patrol Sergeant Roy Williams was a resident of the building and was called to the fire while on patrol. Williams suffered first and second degree burns after parts of the ceiling collapsed on him while he helped save all 45 residents from the apartment fire. Williams' neighbor Georgia Ault said Williams' courage was nothing short of a miracle. "They have to have the giving heart," said Ault. "They can't think about self, but the people they're saving."Property Manager Marty Caldwell said this is just one example of Williams' character. "Whenever you move in, he has welcomed for us to give out his cell phone number to contact him. He is that personable and wants to be there for anything," Caldwell said. Hot Springs area residents wasted no time in donating items to the families affected. The apartment complex is accepting donations to give directly to the affected residents. Water, toiletries, baby items, and furniture are among some of suggested items to donate. The Red Cross offered impacted residents to stay in hotels in the area for free. Village Square apartments rented out seven vacant apartments. Management hopes to open up three more apartments in the next couple of days. The cause of the fire is still being investigated and there are no other known injuries.