Restaurants flooded with customers who have no power

It's been a rough couple of days for Arkansans who are sitting in the dark and in the cold. Now of course, they still need to eat but with no power, restaurants have started to become an everyday thing.

"When I went to bed, to sleep I work up in the dark," said Gloria Greathouse.

It the story more than 120,000 people share across Arkansas. And for most it started Christmas night.

"That's when the lights went out so we ate a candlelight dinner for Christmas," said Greathouse.

With no power, no heat and no way to cook food the Greathouses turned to El Porton in West Little Rock.

"Today we had to come out and eat," said Greathouse.

Along with the tens of thousands of other Arkansans with no power. Restaurants have been busy to say the least.

"It's very very crowded a lot of people coming in we had to call more waiters and servers to help us out," said Patty Cruz, Employee at El Porton.

Cruz said the business is good but she wishes the reason behind the spike in traffic were different.

"We're happy but we're not happy because of the situation we're all going through because of the snow," said Cruz.

As for those without electricity, there's the unexpected cost of eating out every night with the whole family but also the food going bad at home.

"We have coolers and we let it sit out in the cold we put some of out food in the cooler and if it goes past another day we'll have to throw it out," said Rodney Greathouse.

The Greathouses are part of the thousands of people that will likely go seven days or more without power because they live in the Little Rock area.