Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day

While most families celebrate the thanksgiving holiday around the dinner table at home - many opt to leave the cooking of their traditional feast to someone else. A KATV crew checked out some other places where you can get your turkey and the trimmings.

The first stop was the Golden Corral on Warden Road in North Little Rock where it was lunch business as usual Wednesday, but come Thursday general manager James Staats says you can get your Thanksgiving fill at the all-you-can eat, "Ninety-percent of the phone calls we get are those who want to know if we're going to have a traditional meal."

The buffet line includes all the holiday favorites, he says, "Roasted turkey, 24-pound turkeys, we're going to be cooking up, spiral ham." "Sweet potato casserole and cornbread stuffing," he adds. "We'll feed 2,000 in about a 5 hour period, well from 10-4, 6 hours."

In addition to the $13.99 buffet - the other bonus, he says, "We'll do the dishes and make sure you'll have a good time."

At the recently opened Hilton Garden Inn off east McCain, they're preparing for Thanksgiving buffet 'brunch.' Edward House is the executive chef. "First year we were really just getting open and it was really small so this year it's going to be really big, "he said. Speaking of big - House had several massive in an oven in preparation for the holiday. "I just put my secret seasoning on there, I can't tell you but we're roasting it real nice in there."

And like his stuffed shrimp, Executive Chef Eedward house has been putting his personal touch on everything from the dressing to dessert. "Everything, we make from scratch," he says. "Pecan pie, those who like cheesecake and pumpkin pie." The Hilton Garden Inn Brunch is $19.95 for adults with a discount for seniors.

In Little Rock, if you have champagne taste and the budget to afford it, you can enjoy an $85.00, 6-course dinner at Ashley's in the Capital Hotel. Maitre d' Lee Ingold says, "The tree will be decorated by then and we'll have a ton of people taking pictures so it will be fun, it's a nice start to the holidays."

Most of these places will be closing early so patrons are urged to call ahead. Here are a few other restaurants that will be open Thanksgiving Day: Luby's in Little Rock - 10 am - 8 pm; Cracker Barrels throughout Central Arkansas - regular business hours - Thanksgiving dinner $8.99 for adults and discounts for seniors and kids; Ryan's in Conway - 10 am - 7 pm - Thanksgiving meal $9.99 for adults, discounts for Seniors and kids; I-Hop open throughout Central Arkansas with their regular menus - no Thanksgiving menu planned.