Reward offered for Buffington's capture

PINE BLUFF (KATV)--Up to $4,000 will be rewarded to the person who can help the Arkansas Department of Correction capture escapee Timothy Buffington. The ADC is looking to the public for tips.

Many residents Channel 7 spoke with said not only do they think he is gone, but many said they don't think ADC will ever capture him.

However, if anyone can provide a tip or clue and they catch him, they could be thousands of dollars richer.

All is back to normal in the Princeton Pike area, kids are playing and mail is being delivered. Quite a different scene than what parts of Pine Bluff looked like just a couple of weeks ago, when police were still actively searching for Buffington, 47, after he escaped the Pine Bluff prison unit more than a month ago.

"I have two elderly parents that live here, my stepdad is in a wheelchair, can't get up on his own feet so yeah it was very scary," said Pine Bluff resident Kathy Cain.

"The cops come over several different times and were going through the backyard and looking in the shed, things outside," she added.

"We were cautious, we weren't afraid, we were just cautious, we kept our doors locked and kept the keys out of everything and everything locked up, we weren't afraid though," said Pine Bluff resident Bobby Matthews.

The FBI released photos of what Buffington may look like weeks after he escaped. While they're no longer actively searching, ADC is rewarding up to $4,000 to anyone who can give a tip and it leads to his capture.

"It may take some time, but somewhere they'll run across him somewhere and catch him," said Matthews.

"He's goneI mean that's my personal opinion, but that's the way I truly feel, but I feel like we're safe here now," said Cain.

Authorities said, at the time of his escape he assaulted and bound a female in one of the staff housing units. He stole a set of camouflage clothing and a 12 gauge shotgun with extra ammunition. He was serving a 20-year sentence for murder.

If you have any tips, you're asked to call ADC (870) 267-6421.