Right to Life releases ads attacking 'telemed abortions'

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) During the 2013 session, the Arkansas General Assembly considered a bill which would ban telemed abortions.A "telemed abortion" is the practice of a woman going to a clinic and consulting with a doctor via a web cam. A medical professional is in the room, and an ultrasound is performed, but the doctor never actually sees the patient in person before prescribing RU-486, a drug that terminates pregnancies within the first 63 days."Telemed abortions" have been banned in 17 surrounding states, but the bill failed to make it through the Arkansas legislature last year. Now, the Arkansas Right to Life has launched radio ads aimed at drumming up support for future legislation. "We feel that it would threaten young girls and women in Arkansas to have this type of abortion offered," Rose Mimms of Arkansas Right to Life said. The ads paint the procedure as dangerous to the woman's health, but Planned Parenthood of the Heartland says the ad is misleading. Planned Parenthood claims the Right to Life isn't concerned about the woman but about further restricting abortion in Arkansas."The counseling, exam and procedure are all completed in person and a medical professional is in the room with the woman at all times," Angie Remington of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland said.Though "telemed abortions" are not banned in the state, Planned Parenthood says they do not provide the service because the resources aren't available and demand for the service isn't high enough.