Ring maker surprises Vilonia and Mayflower sophomores

Buying a class ring for high school graduation can be fun and costly, but sophomores from Vilonia and Mayflower got a priceless deal. Jostens representative Rick Harrell announced to a classroom in Mayflower, "The class of 2016. Jostens is giving everyone in this class a free class ring." Jostens says it's making the offer to show support for the families who have been affected by last month's tornado. Jostens typically gives away one class ring to a student each year, but this is a special occasion. "If you consider the cost and the number of students at both schools it's very close to $100,000, Jostens is giving away to the school districts," Harrell said. "It's wonderful. I think it's a great opportunity for our kids. They've been through a lot. This is a good pickup for them. I don't think when they first announced it, they really believed it. We had to tell them a couple of times before it sank in," said Mayflower Superintendent John Gray. Jostens has also set up a section on their website where people can donate to tornado relief. The company will match up to $5,000 for each school.