Amusement rides one of the major highlights of Riverfest 2013

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - There's been talk about the food, events and music but you can't talk about a festival without covering the rides. It was the talk of Riverfest 2013 and for good reason.

"I come here every year so ever since I retired from the military I come every year," said Curtis Harris, an attendee.

It's the festival of the year. Riverfest 2013 included impressive headliners, dozens of new activities and, of course, the rides.

"My grand kids and my friends they love it I don't ride," said Fay Camp, also an attendee.

It's quite the experience and one that's fairly new to Riverfest.

"People have been asking for it and so we thought that was the perfect area to do it in and it's really done very well this year," said DeAnna Korte, Executive Director of Riverfest.

Korte says all of the rides are looked at to ensure they are safe.

"Before we open each day we reinspect everything that we're doing," said Korte.

And since there have yet to be any incidents this year, Korte says it's likely Arkansans will get what they want again next year.

"We'll see after tonight. In my opinion I think it's been a big success," said Korte. "I know the festival goers have enjoyed it as an added attraction to Riverfest."