Roach Infestation


She had bought the same dog food at the same store for 15 years.

But one bag she bought last year turned into a lasting problem.

For a year now Judy Zorn has been living a rather creepy and crawly existence.

The Seven-On-Your-Side volunteers may not kill bugs. But our team can help to make sure the right people pay the exterminator.

A year after opening a brand new bag of dog food in her home, you don't have to look hard to find evidence of the cockroach infestation that followed.

"It was just totally infested with roaches," recalls Judy Zorn of North Little Rock. "They started crawling up my arm, down my legs, down the bag...everywhere. So I just...what I had not already poured in the can I just took it out back and put it in the garbage can. At it's worst they had ventured into my bedroom and were crawling across me as I slept (laughs)."

Dead roaches now obscure Judy's view of the digital clock on her microwave.

Roaches crawled into and fried her cordless phone too.

Her over-the-counter attacks failed to work and eventually she hired a pest control company to handle the a cost approaching $700.00.

She felt the dog food company should pay that cost.

"The reason I called Seven-On-Your-Side...I had dealt with the company that makes the food and their insurance company for a year," explains Zorn.

In July Zorn got this letter from the dog food company's insurer.

It reads in part: "We are denying your claim. The source of the infestation did not originate with our customer. I understand you will be disappointed by this decision."

That's when Seven-On-Your-Side stepped in.

"Joe was just great," says Zorn. "He gave me other avenues to try and seek out and he worked real hard on it and I just really appreciate Seven-On-Your-Side."

Joe is one of our newest volunteers.

With Joe's help not only is the insurance company paying the pest control bill, but it is paying for a new microwave and throwing in some free dog food too.

Air date: September 11th, 2013