Roll Out Scooters

Rising gas prices created a rise in scooter sales in both Arkansas and the nation.

But a booming business has gone bustat least temporarilyfor one Little Rock scooter dealer.

When James Haguewood ordered his new $3,500 moped tryke gas prices in Arkansas were nearly $3.70 a gallon.

But by the time he got his new ride prices had fallen again.

"The bike took three months to get after it was paid for and another two months to get the correct paperwork to even license it," recalls Haguewood.

Haguewood bought his bike at Roll Out in Little Rock, a scooter sales and repair shop off Cantrell Road.

Many others did tooand many others also had complaints.

"The typical complaint involved a lot of delay of delivery of product," explains Greg Kirkpatrick with the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission. "That seemed to be the mostthe largest complaint."

Kirkpatrick says the Motor Vehicle Commission received enough complaints and had enough concern that last month Roll Out's business license was suspended.

"They certainly have an incentive to work very hard to try and resolve any consumer complaint out there, resolve their facility issues and to become a normally operating dealership again," says Kirkpatrick.

Clarence Walters with Roll Out visited with us but did not want to do an on camera interview.

Walters says all complaints have been resolved and his dealership license should be reinstated later this month.

But Haguewood says he is still waiting on a promised windshield, trunk and other accessories.

"He's a nice guy," says Haguewood. "He promises the moon. It is just kind of hard to deliver the moon."

The hearing to reconsider the status of Roll Out's license will be held September 21st.

Air date: September 2nd, 2011