Roofer to Make It Right

After paying thousands for a new roof that now leaks, James Nelson was preparing to sue the roofer who refuses to honor his warranty.

But Nelson says he prayed about his anger and God told him to let it go.

It seems to be working.

Back in September we couldn't get the rooferSydney Pansyto return a call let alone return to this poorly done job.

But it seems someone else is ready and willing to answer Mr. Nelson's prayer.

The down pour we had in central Arkansas earlier this week caused great stress for James Nelson.

"It don't just leak in there," says Nelson pointing to his home. "Water runs in there."

Rodney Goshien with R and R Roofing went up to take a look at Nelson's roof.

He says it was easy to diagnosis the problem.

"It's just roofed wrong," stated Goshien. "Roofed wrong."

Goshien saw our earlier story but was running for office at the time and didn't have the time to help.

Now businessand life in generalhas slowed down and he is stepping in to help Nelson by replacing his roof free of charge.

"Whoa," said a shocked Nelson. "I don't know where to find the words for it. I meannothing like this ever happened to me. Nobody ever just up and do something for me. And he said no charge? It sounds good. It sounds like the best thing I could ever hear."

"You'll love it when I get done," assures Goshien. "It'll be done right. Yes sir. God bless you. Merry Christmas to you."

Rodney Goshien says R & R Roofing will have a new roof on Mr. Nelson's home by Christmasweather permitting. Mr. Nelson admits that he is waiting for the catchthat this all seems too good to be true. Goshien says if he needs to put a "Catch-Free Guarantee" in writing, he will.

Air date: December 11th, 2012