Russellville man beaten, held against will in apartment,

A Russellville man is in critical condition after police say two men held him against his will, and severely beat him in his own home.

Police have reason to believe two men forced themselves inside the unknown victim's home and remained there for at least thirty minutes, severely beating him to an unrecognizable form.

"One of them just said 'You're going to die do you understand that,'" remembered neighbor Scott Kemp.

"'I'm going to kill you, do you understand that, that you're going to die,'" Kemp continued about what one of the suspects was saying.

Kemp, who lives in the downstairs apartment underneath where the crime happened, said he heard the whole dispute, and knew something was going wrong in what is a typically quiet apartment complex.

"I heard the police over there tell them to open the door, and he didn't open the door. They kicked the door in and took them out," Kemp continued.

"When they knocked on the door and identified themselves someone immediately locked the door," said Drew Latch with the Russellville Police Department. "Then, at that time they could hear someone from inside hollering 'Help me.'"

The two men were 23-year-old Joshua Holsted, and 33-year-old Cody Gumm. Both men are being charged with kidnapping, residential burglary and second-degree battery.

Police said when they entered the apartment each suspect was covered in blood.

"Whenever they walked in they did see a large amount of blood, and they knew there was an immediate issue just from the blood that was in the apartment," Latch added.

Gumm told police the victim was having a relationship with his ex-wife. That's the reason he and his cousin, Holsted, went to the apartment.

The victim was later airlifted to Little Rock with severe injuries to the head and face.

He remains in critical condition at last update.