Russellville parents claims child abuse not reported by school

A Russellville parent claims his son was abused at the local elementary school, and he continues to search for answers as to why it allegedly happened.

Although an investigation by the Department of Human Services wasn't able to uncover enough evidence for a report, another agency could be launching an investigation of its own.

The Arkansas Department of Education wouldn't confirm nor deny whether it's investigating an elementary principal in Russellville for not reporting child abuse.

The nine-year-old's father told KATV today that he's been notified they're looking into the matter.

Ben Butler took his son, Bradley, out of Russellville's Sequoyah Elementary School, when he came home with bruises and scratches.

Butler said it's from a teacher pushing and restraining him.

"The aid grabbed him by the arm to try to take him inside. When the aid grabbed him by the arm, Bradley is very sensitive to touch and it caused Bradley to have a meltdown," Butler said.

Bradley suffers from mood and depressive disorders along with ADHD. Butler feels like his son's behavior should've been dealt with as part of his special need, and not disciplinary.

"Now the Arkansas Department of Education Professional Licensure has received a complaint from me," Butler added. "They met on Wednesday and have agreed to investigate the principal of the elementary school for failure to report child abuse."

Russellville superintendent Randall Williams released this statement to KATV Friday:

"It was fully investigated by the Arkansas Department of Human Services and the claims made by the parent were found to be not supported by the evidence and thus ruled unsubstantiated by DHS. This finding was consistent with the district's own investigation."

Butler showed us a police report where the principal claimed they called the child abuse hotline; however the center told Butler they had not received a call from the elementary school.

Butler is home schooling his child for now because he said every time he mentions going back to the school, his child begins having an emotional breakdown.