Sad End to School Year

A North Little Rock 6th grader is spending her final week of school at home...and her mom isn't happy about it.

We talked to both the family and a school official...and nobody is happy with the way pre-teens have been behaving.

This group of junior high students haven't been getting along since spring break.

But it appears one is paying a higher price than the others.

For most of the students at North Little Rock's Ridge Road junior high, the school year ends Friday.

But for 12 year-old Tiera Gomillion, her year ended earlier this month...not by suspension or expulsion...but her mother says by suggestion.

"She's never been suspended," says Yeletta Gomillion. "She's never been sent home. Other than now. And now they're still saying she is not suspended. But they prefer for her to stay at home. Because I feel like that is the easiest way to deal with the problem."

The problem...according to her daughter was being bullied.

"They'll come to my locker," says Tiera. "They'll push me into the crowd. They'll step on my books. They'll pull my hair. And they'll talk about me. Make rumors about me. And make everybody hate me."

Like most districts, North Little Rock has a strict no bullying policy.

Director of Student Affairs Fran Jackson has been with the district for 58 years.

She has seen her share of bullying.

She says that is not what school officials were seeing here.

"She is constantly getting into it with other students," says Jackson. "That almost daily they are having to deal with her and problems in other students. It is not bullying. It is a discipline issue."

"All I wanted was for my daughter to be able to go to school and just enjoy her friends...enjoy her classes...enjoy her last few days of school before summer," says Gomillion.

Ms. Jackson assured us that Tiera is welcome at the school should she wish to return.

But Yeletta says her daughter will be taking her good grades and interest in band and sports somewhere else next year.

Air date: May 29th, 2013