Sad follow up: Husband of Hot Springs Woman Featured in KATV Story Dies

Debbie Nelson's husband, Richard "Pete" Nelson, died over the weekend. Debbie and her husband were featured in a KATV Channel 7 story one year ago shortly after their house had burned down. The couple had been through many trials including the death of their only daughter but through it all, Debbie lived by the phrase "God is good... all the time."

Debbie's sister, Kimberly Eagle, says Pete had been very ill over the past year. He was diagnosed with Polycthmia Vera, a blood disorder, over a year ago. He had progressively gotten much worse over the last 3-4 months. He also had 4 bulging discs throughout his spine and severe arthritis. His pain was almost at the point of being uncontrollable. Then on Saturday, an hour after he went to lay down for a nap, Debbie checked on him and he was gone. The coroner said that he had passed peacefully due to a heart attack.

Once again, Debbie is clinging to her faith and offered these comments on her facebook page:

"Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts and prayers. It means so much! I just can 't believe this has happened, but I still have my faith and stand by the fact that God is good and He is good ALL the time! Pete is no longer in the constant pain he was in and he is with our precious Jennifer! I will love and miss him forever!!" Click here to see the video of the original story: Debbie Nelson... "God is Good." Click here to read the story we did on Debbie Nelson. Click here to read the follow up story: "House Given To Woman of Faith."