Safely decorating your home for the Christmas season

The Christmas season is here, and Arkansans are unraveling strands of lights, and plugging in a few more extension cords to create an illuminating experience. But when you put up those lights you want to make sure you do it safely.

Phillip Griffis of Bryant puts up his lights every year.

"They look forward to all the blowups and all the lights," said Griffis.

And it's definitely something to look forward to. Griffis decorates his home with thousands of Christmas lights every year. He says it's the best start to the Christmas season.

"Well, yea I have a good Christmas spirit it's when I got all the lights up and you get in better than what you are when you haven't got them up," said Griffis.

But Julie Munsell, Entergy Spokesperson, says although it's a beautiful sight around Christmas time, it can also be dangerous.

"Well if you're working in outdoor light situation believe it or not a lot of folks may just pick up lights somewhere that are meant for indoors and they use them outdoors," said Munsell.

Old Christmas lights can also be a fire hazard. Munsell says in both situations the wiring might not be safe. Griffis, who has a separate breaker to avoid any fires, says he's always kept this in mind.

"I've always had separate breakers only I've used the garage before I got only two circuits out there I decided well I need a lot more circuits," said Griffis.

And although it's a lot of work to make it both safe and presentable, he says it's well worth the effort.

"I enjoy looking at them and I enjoy the other people enjoy watching them," said Griffis.

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