Saline County approves ballot issues in special election

Voters in Saline County going to the polls Tuesday deciding on four tax or bond issues.

The first, 1.5 cent sales tax. The money would go into the city's general fund. This tax, which was first passed back in 2004, once again passed easily... 71-percent voted for it and just 29-percent against.

The second, a new 1/2cent tax for public safety. This also was approved easily... 72-percent for and 28-percent against. This money will go towards police, fire, and 9-1-1 dispatch.

A 1/2 cent tax for parks also passing easily in Benton... 63-percent for and 37- percent against. This money will go to improving parks in the city.

The last issue before voters is Benton park bonds. This also passing with no problem... 64-percent for and 36-percent against. This will go towards improving Bernard Holland park by adding a community and aquatic center.

And in neighboring Bryant, voters approving a fire bonds issue... 71- percent voting in favor to just 29-percent against. This 4.4 million dollar bond will allow the city to build and equip two new fire stations.

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