Saline County to Interview 4 Candidates for Interim Sheriff

Four candidates were chosen to tonight to interview for the interim position of Saline County Sheriff. Those selected to interview were Cleve Barfield, Terrell Burks, Dale Donham and Phillip Newcomb.

The quorum court met behind closed doors to discuss 19 applicants who submitted resumes to be the next Saline County Sheriff.

Ken Cassidy the Saline County Prosecutor, who turned the case over to a special prosecutor, wrote a letter to the court, asking that the appointee have no connection to the saline county sheriff's department to avoid the appearance of impropriety in the county government.

Seven candidates either worked or currently work for the sheriff's department.

One candidate who did make the cut, Dale Donham, said he worked for the sheriff's department for two months this year before quitting. He said he left because they were not being proactive about crime.

Then there are candidates who aren't in law enforcement at alllike a tow-truck driver, a former assistant basketball coach at Henderson State University and a person who used to own an Italian restaurant and now directs sales at a roofing company.

One candidate who was disqualified for not being a saline county voter made sure to emphasize on his application that he's a non-drinker.

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