Saline County Deputies Investigated; Charges in Jeopardy

A special prosecutor appointed to sort through some Saline County turmoil says state police are continuing to investigate the conduct of some deputies, and if they're found not to be credible, several charges could be put in jeopardy.
Both the special prosecutor assigned to the case and Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington requested an investigation into the deputies by the state police. If it turns out that the deputies did engage in some kind of illegal behavior that would impact their credibility in any case they testified as a witnesses, especially if they were the only witness.
Faulkner County Prosecutor Cody Hiland says Sheriff Pennington is being kept out of the investigation loop, but he did acknowledge the sheriff's request for investigation into the behavior of a couple deputies may overlap with his investigation
"There are obviously some things that the public knows about, the missing patrol car and things like that, but again the state police have a broad discretion to go in and investigate," said Hiland.
Saline County Prosecutor Ken Casady has said several charges and cases could be impacted by this investigation, mostly misdemeanors that could be thrown out if it turns out the deputies are no longer considered credible witnesses.
Hiland says he doesn't have any specifics, like a number of cases, but agrees that is a possibility.
"Anytime you have a cloud hanging over you and issues like this it can have an impact," said Hiland.
There is no timeline for the state police investigation, but once it's complete, Hiland will review the evidence to see if any law was broken.