Saline County golf course stockholders want 1986 contract overturned

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BENTON (Saline Courier) - Owners of Longhills Golf Club have asked a Saline County court to stop enforcement of a 1986 covenant that said the property could only be used as a golf course.

The lawsuit stems from their attempts to sell the property to a development firm that included an apartment complex in its plans for the area. Property owners were divided on the issue and took their comments to the City Council but a vote was delayed after they were told about the covenant.

Bud Busken, one of Longhills, Inc.'s shareholders, said, "We're trying to save the golf course for the community, for the school district, for the tax revenue - which is over half a million dollars every year - while upholding the property values of the individual owners....This the only way to do it."

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