Saline County narrows republican ticket for Sheriff

Saline County (KATV) - After numerous Bruce Pennington scandals, and eight different people running for one Sheriff's office, there is now some clarity on who the next Sheriff could be in Saline County. The only democratic running is Rodney Goshien Sr. and after Tuesday night's primary election, the two left on the republican ticket are Simon Haynes and Rodney Wright. Simon Haynes had 47 more votes than Rodney Wright at the end of Tuesday night's primary, not enough to break the simple majority to declare a winner; they now go to a run off. Wednesday, both candidates met with KATV outside the Saline County Courthouse to talk about what they want to do for Saline County, if elected. Simon Haynes wants to bring his 20 years of experience with the Pulaski County Sheriff's office to the table and fight the war on meth around Arkansas. "I have experience of commanding over 70 people in our patrol division," Said Haynes. "I've managed our fleet. I've participated in budgets. I come from a large department." Rodney Wright expressed the same views about the drug war in Saline County. Wright also has similar qualifications with 20 years of experience but with Benton Police. "People of any community want three things," said Wright. "Schools, health care and security, and we have to concentrate on our part which is security." The run-off election will be held on June 10th.