Sanctuary Seating


Growth at a church is usually a good thing. But growing pains at one Grant County church is hitting it in the pocketbook.

Pastor Kevin Cowan prays for the 100 or so people attending his newly formed church.

Now he is also praying for one person in another state who doesn't attend his church...or probably any other church.

When a new church is built, an old church building becomes available. That is the case for Well of Grace, a two month-old church in Sheridan.

Already pushing capacity, Pastor Kevin Cowan doesn't have the money or the right to expand a building that is being leased.

But he says by replacing pews with chairs he can better use the limited space available.

"Right now we're able to seat about 90 people," says Pastor Cowan. "And we figured it out with chairs we can seat 125."

An ad for 200 used church chairs on Craigslist has them priced at about 40 percent off what new chairs would cost.

Pastor Cowan needed 125 and he partnered with another pastor who needs 75.

A $3,200.00 money order was sent but this Sunday Pastor Cowan's church members will once again squeeze together in the pews.

The chairs should have been delivered eight days ago.

"You know it's one thing to steal from me," says Pastor Cowan. "But to steal from the House of God that' me that's a pretty bad deal. I just hope that the Lord will change his life and change his heart somehow."

Pastor Cowan knows that there is a disclaimer and warning on Craigslist about scams.

He says he is disappointed that after notifying Craigslist about this scam that the chairs remain listed for sale on the site.

Air date: April 3rd, 2014