SAU Biology Department teams up with Magnolia to fight mosquitoes

The City of Magnolia & SAU Biology Department have teamed up to combat mosquitoes. Mayor of Magnolia, Parnell Vann, SAU Biology Department Chair, Dr. Claude Baker, and Assistant. Professor of Biology, Pablo Bacon, have teamed up to come up with a plan.

Dr. Baker said, "We hatched a plan to grow and distribute mosquito fish, have a public awareness and action program, use some natural biological controls, and educate the public about mosquito traps."

Stage one of the mosquito reduction program requires the help of the public. Here are some tips from the Environmental Protection Agency and West Nile Virus Handling Guide:

For the first stage of the mosquito reduction program, the mayor's office is seeking help from the public with some helpful tips from the Environmental Protection Agency and the West Nile Virus Handling Guide:

  • Get rid of standing water in rain gutters, old tires, buckets, plastic covers, toys or any other container where mosquitoes can breed.
    • Empty any collected or standing water from flowerpots and other yard containers.
    • Empty and change the water in bird baths, fountains, wading pools, rain barrels and potted plant trays at least once a week to eliminate potential mosquito habitats.
    • Drain temporary pools of water or fill with dirt. If impossible, throw in Mosquito Dunks, Mosquito Bits or mosquito fish.
    • Keep swimming pool water treated and circulating. Report abandoned pools, hot tubs and funky bodies of water.
    • Clean leaves and debris from gutters on your home.
    • Empty water from old tires and if possible, recycle the old tires. Report abandoned collections of tires. These are mosquito hot spots.
    • Eliminate trees or tree stumps with holes where mosquitoes could breed.
    • Keep ponds clean and stocked with mosquito larvae eating fish. We recommend mosquito fish (Gambusia) for ponds and ditches that have no other fish, and the city is working on developing colonies of these fish to supply to the public.
    • Make use of Mosquito Dunks containing Bacillus thurigensis, natural bacteria that tie up the larvae digestive tract (available at large chain stores and many home and garden centers)
    • Report mosquito "hot spots" so we can look for the source of the mosquitoes.
    • Encourage everyone in your neighborhood to take part in eliminating mosquito "hot spots." Not only will it help with the mosquito population, but also clean up the environment around us is a great way to help with many ecological issues we face today.

To report "hot spots," you can call the Magnolia City Hall at (870) 234-1375.

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