Scam Targeting Entergy Customers


The Garland County sheriffs department has a warning that could prove beneficial to everyone in the state.

It involves a scam that will definitely get your attention but hopefully not your money.

The scam involves a phone call. An operator will tell you that your Entergy bill of $986.23 is overdue and you need to pay it within an hour or your power will be cut off.

It would be troubling...if it were true.

If you don't pay your electric bill then eventually you will be at risk of living without electricity.

But Sally Graham with Entergy Arkansas says if you are behind on your payments Entergy will not call you demanding immediate payment using a green dot money card from Walmart.

"Entergy Arkansas never calls customers and asks customers for immediate payment," says Graham. "Entergy Arkansas never uses green dot money cards and asks for that account number. That's just not the way that we handle our bills."

Two Garland County Entergy customers have been told to pay up within 45 minutes or risk having power to their homes or businesses shut down.

"If a customer is being told on the phone that their utility service is going to be cut off in the next hour unless they pay...they need to hang up," advises Graham. "You know they can call their local law enforcement. And also call us at 800-ENTERGY."

Utility companies are not allowed to cut off service when the temperature drops below 32 degrees, so anyone who gets a call like this in the near future has another reason to be sure that it is not legitimate.

Air date: January 27th, 2014