Scam Week: Arrest Warrant

For most people, finding out there was a warrant out for your arrest would shake you up a bit.

A scam going around right now hopes that fear will cause you to act without thinking.

On the first day of scam week many Pulaski County residents started getting phone calls from a scam artist.

And the pitch was pretty convincing.

(telephone rings) "Department of Higher Education...this is Tara."

On Monday Tara Smith got a phone call at work from Heath Willis with the Pulaski County Sheriffs Department.

He claimed to be with the warrants division...and he had some bad news.

"That I had a warrant out because of failure to appear from court and that I also had a ticket...a speeding ticket fine that I need to take care of," says Smith.

Tara was told a traffic camera caught her speeding and she was mailed a ticket that she didn't pay and given a court date that she didn't show up for...and now she was in bigger trouble.

But it was nothing that paying her fines with a green dot money card wouldn't fix.

"We would never fine you that way and we would never ask you to go get some type of card like that and give us your information over the phone," says Lt. Carl Minden with the Pulaski County Sheriffs Department. "We just wouldn't do it."

"When you do get a call to say you have a warrant out it's concerning," says Smith. "And you want to make sure you do whatever you need to do to clear that up. So that is what you're thinking about as opposed to thinking that someone is running a scam on you."

Lt. Minden says there is another big problem with this scam...traffic cameras aren't used in Arkansas to catch speeders or traffic violators.

And if anyone asks you to get a green dot money card...assume it is a scam.

Air date: March 18th, 2014