Scam Week: Top Five Scams


Every year the Arkansas Attorney General's office sorts through all the complaints and inquiries received during the previous year and totals them up.

The result is a list of the "Top Five Scams" targeting Arkansans. Seven-On-Your-Side's "Scam Week" continues with a look at that list.

For the second year in a row, the top scam remains unchanged.

The number one scam targeting Arkansans in 2013 involves claims that you have won a sweepstakes or lottery.

"All you have to do to collect your prize winnings is to pay a small processing fee or taxes," explains Sarah Tacker, Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Public Protection Department.

Coming in at number two, credit card calls.

"One of the most prevalent types of robo calls is a scammer calling and saying I can lower your credit card interest rate," says Tacker. "Pay me $500."

Number three is the "Your grandchild is in trouble" and needs money scam.

"They purport to be a friend," says Tacker. "Please wire some money so we can help get Bobby out of prison in Mexico."

The 4th most common scam involves efforts to collect a payday loan.

"It's just someone trying to scare you by saying 'We're going to send a sheriff by your house to arrest you unless you pay us," explains Tacker.

And finally, threats to shut off your utilities rounds out the top five scams.

"They want you to wire money or put money on certain kinds of prepaid debit cards to avoid that shut off," warns Tacker. "Obviously, contact your utility company."

Most of these scams will target you by telephone. Some use email. Many will ask you to pay using a green dot money card.

This list is based on nearly 7,500 complaints received by the Attorney General's office in 2013.

Air date: March 19th, 2014

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