Scam Week: Training Fee


Our Seven-On-Your-Side office wraps up "Scam Week" with a situation described as a rip-off by people in other states but such a designation remains a bit premature here in Arkansas.

Some companies train their employees and some hire outside groups to do the training.

It's one of these out-of-state trainers who we're looking at tonight.

Kevin Britton has spent the past two weeks looking for a job after moving his family here from Delaware.

This week an ad on Craigslist for a major central Arkansas car dealership caught his eye.

$500.00 a week salary plus high commissions. At least 10 sales positions available. $42,000-$110,000 first year potential. Great benefits.

But one thing was not mentioned in the ad: a training fee.

"The trainer or hiring guy asked us to bring $389.00 in cash, cashier's check or money order in a sealed envelope the next morning as a commitment," recalls Britton.

Britton went online and entered the name of the trainer...Rance Wilhoit.

He instantly found complaints out of Connecticut as well as North and South Carolina.

They all sounded the impression of guaranteed employment was followed by a training fee and most who paid the fee were not hired.

He looked up the sales training firm...World Wide Consulting Services...and found the company has an "F" rating from the North Carolina Better Business Bureau.

"Just the fact that that is how the hiring process is being handled...I guess I can't work there," says Britton. "They probably don't want me to work there now. But I would have loved to have worked there and I think I would have done a good job for them."

The dealership that hired Rance Wilhoit has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and says it had no idea about these recent complaints against him in other states.

Air date: March 21st, 2014