Scholarship money available for single parents in Pulaski County

A banquet held Thursday night celebrated single parent students who made a commitment to completing their education. A total of 29 students received the recognition.

The Single Parent Scholarship is given to qualifying residents of Pulaski County who are pursuing their education goals. They award qualifying students $900 per semester, but that money doesn't have to go directly to tuition.

Chair of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund Board, Jay Barth said, "This can also go, not just to tuition, but to all the other needs that single parents have in terms of bills that come due, childcare issues, etc." He went on to say, "There are a while array of wrap-around services that are exactly the kinds of things that the single parents often need to kind of help them survive what's a very difficult undertaking- staying in school when they have so many competing responsibilities."

If you'd like to apply, or find out more information about the scholarship, click here.