School in Monticello using app to stay connected

If you have kids in school you know that there's a lot to keep track of, from homework to sporting events to lunch menus. Well for one school system in Monticello, there's an app for that. And it's helping parents, teachers, and administrators as well. the drew central school system now has a fast and easy way to get out information.

"So they can have instant communication to the Pirate nation anytime, any place, and anywhere," said Billy Williams, superintendent of Drew Central Schools.

The free app can be used on iPhone, iPad, Android, or your desktop computer.

It's only been out for two weeks but students say it's very helpful.

"Me being a senior I have a lot of stuff that I have to get in, deadlines, and it's really helpful," said student Keanu Green.

And parents can not only see their kids grades but get all kinds of information they need.

"My son plays pee wee football so I can get on there and see if there's notifications, games, where they're going to be at, click on the GPS and get directions because we do travel in pee wee football," said parent Tiffany Barnard.

It's a great assistant for teachers too.

"With those links immediately go to the Arkansas Department of Education website, our co-op site, the ESC Works where they register for online workshops, AR Ideas. All important information that they need at their fingertips and now it's literally at their fingertips," said Kim Greer, Director of Instruction.

Administrators it can also keep help keep kids safe.

"If there's suspicious illegal activity," said Williams. "If there's bullying that may be going on campus, come type of cyber stalking or any of those kinds of things you can report it right there."

There are three school districts that use this particular service which is called School Connect. The other two are East End and Star City.

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