Scott Hamilton overpass, 2 lanes of I-30 closed Friday

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LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - No one was injuredand cars were not damaged, but Friday afternoon, drivers saw concrete fallingfrom the Scott Hamilton bridge overpass in Little Rock.

I-30 has steadytraffic, it is remarkable debris didn't fall on a car and cause accidents. Allafternoon, two of the three eastbound lanes have been closed while the bridgeis repaired.

As 18 wheelers andthousands of cars slowly made their way under the Scott Hamilton overpass, ArkansasHighway and Transportation Department (AHTD) crews took up two lanes sweeping,getting debris out of the way.

Randy Ort with AHTDsays, "It's not unusual for this to happen, again it is a driving surface. Itis subject to everyday wear and tear. It is subject to the elements."

Ort says this is thetime of year the state gets potholes because of the abuse the roads get duringthe winter weather. A pot hole on the bridge became an actual hole and theconcrete fell through. "Because there is something underneath that bridge.Sometimes it's a body of water; in this case it's a roadway. So as aprecautionary measure we've stopped traffic in two lanes on Interstate30."

The 60-year bridge is260 feet long; it is also temporarily closed leaving about 10,000 daily driversto look for an alternate route.

Ort says people whousually take I-30 eastbound should find another way around, so they don't getcaught in traffic.

The engineers withthe highway department are expected to have all the repairs done by Fridayafternoon and the lanes will reopen.