UPDATE: Search resumes for missing teen

WALNUT RIDGE (KATV) - The search for a missing 14-year-old girl resumed Tuesday morning after a Morgan Nick Amber Alert was issued for her Monday evening.

Sidney Randall hasn't been seen since Saturday night, according to state police. On Tuesday, they shifted their search area to the area around Clear Lake in Lawrence County.

Investigators believe Sidney was taken from her home by her stepfather, John Cornell. He was the only suspect in the case then on Monday, investigators found his body on a rural road near his pickup truck. He was killed by a gun and detectives believe he shot himself but, as of early Tuesday evening, couldn't say for sure.

Police searched the area around where they found Cornell with ATV's, boats, dogs and even a dive team but didn't find any trace of Sidney. The area investigators searched Tuesday was to the northwest of where they found Cornell. Police acknowledge it will be difficult because Cornell was an avid outdoorsman and knew the area like the back of his hand but Chief Richie Thatcher said they plan to keep searching until they find Sidney because this crime has become personal to the dozens of men and women working hard to bring her home.

"We're a close knit community and, you know, when one of us hurts, we all hurt," said Chief Thatcher. "Most of us have kids so you try to put yourself in the family's shoes and that's why we're doing the best we can to find Sidney."

According to Chief Thatcher, police have not received any new leads or information since Monday night. If you know anything that could help in the search, call detectives at (870) 886-2525.

Channel 7's Roger Susanin spent the day in Lawrence County. He'll have more on John Cornell's behavior immediately before Sidney's disappearance tonight on Nightside.

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