Searchers find missing man's personal items

Dan Roberson

GARLAND COUNTY (KATV) - Late Thursday night, volunteer searchers found some of the personal effects of a man missing since Tuesday morning.

The searchers found car documents and garden buckets that belong to 71-year-old Dan Roberson around midnight on a trail off of Main Haul Road, which is off of Highway 7 North - about five miles away from Roberson's home. They also found a stolen vehicle in a dense wooded area nearby but neither Roberson's vehicle nor Roberson himself was found.

Searchers continued focusing their efforts in that area Friday, with some on ATV's, some on horseback and others on foot. The Garland County Sheriff's Office had some help, too, with volunteers from various volunteer fire departments both inside and outside of Garland County.

Newt Roberson, Dan's brother, has built roads in the area for 28 years and knows the land so he joined in the search effort, though he never thought he'd be using his hunting skills to find his brother, who is also his best friend.

Deputy Scott Hinojosa said in a written statement that foul play is suspected but no persons of interest have been named.

Anyone with information on where Roberson may be is asked to call deputies at (501) 622-3690 or their anonymous tip line at (501) 622-3674.

Stay with and Channel 7 News throughout the day as new information continues to come in.

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