Police: Searcy woman kills mom

(KATV) SEARCY - Minutes after finishingher shift at Big Lots in Searcy, 50 year old Dina Darden was shot in theparking lot. Police tell Channel Seven that the victim's daughter is accused inthe murder.

Thirty-three year old AlexandriaWilliams is charged with first degree murder. She reportedly did not make iteasy for officers to arrest her.

The Town and Country Plazain Searcy is busy with shoppers getting their Christmas list taken care of. Somecustomers at Big Lots say they had no idea a shooting happened in the parkinglot hours earlier at about 12:05 a.m. Searcy police say the verbalconfrontation happened between employee, Dina Darden and her daughterAlexandria Williams.

Corporal Steve Hernandezsays, "From what we can tell, she was leaving work and there was some sort of argumentbetween them. The daughter actually shot her mom in the parking lot andfled."

Witnesses called 911 witha description of the suspect and pick-up she left in.

Darden was rushed acrossthe street to White County Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Within minutes policespotted the pick-up and pursued the driver. They continued for a few miles intothe county to C W Road. Corporal Hernandez says, "Arkansas State Police wereable to get in front of her and throw spikes down to get her stopped. Afterspeaking with her, it was determined she was the one that actually shot hermother. She is in jail currently on a $500,000 dollar bond."

He says the women wereseen getting along a day earlier. "Something took place between yesterday and todaythat caused her to go over the edge like that." Corporal Hernandez saysthe latest domestic call they received involving the women was earlier thisweek but Darden, decided not to press charges against her daughter forharassment.

A court date is set for February 4, 2014.

This is the third homicide in Searcy thisyear. Last year there was not a murder in the city. Corporal Hernandez says allthree killings this year were targeted, not random.