Searcy Police look for girl missing from DHS care


Any parent might feel powerless to help when their child is missing, but Amy Davis really is. She's being held at the White County Detention Center for failure to appear in court and pay fines, sitting in her cell and worrying about her 14-year-old daughter, Carmen, who police say ran away from her group home19 days ago."I don't understand how they lost her, how they let her get out of that house twice," said Davis.Police say this is the second time Carmen has run away from state custody. The first time she was found in a couple days, but this time is different."Usually it's hours until we find them. It's been a couple of weeks now, so we're treating it as she is in danger, though we haven't had any signs specifically that she is in danger," explained Cpl. Steve Hernandez.Davis says she feels in her gut that Carmen is in danger. She believes her daughter is with a middle-aged man, but police say there's no evidence to support that claim. Davis says that she's angry at DHS, but what makes it worse is sitting in custody, unable to help in the search for her who escaped."I just want her found," said Davis.