Second Hand Smoke

The dangers of second hand smoke are becoming more and more apparent. Now, researchers say there's a new report that shows second-hand smoke can have addictive effects on teenagers. Researchers say exposure to second-hand smoke can create the same symptoms of nicotine dependence in non-smoking teens, which adds to the negative effects of being surrounded by smokers. Research shows that teen smokers who involve themselves in an anti-smoking program are nearly 40-percent more likely to quit. Those numbers are compared to teens who simply receive a lecture from their parents. Experts say the key is to have kids do their own research about the dangers of tobacco and then have their kids tell others. When the kids are able to draw their own conclusions, they have ownership of that information. They feel like it is their own revelation and they want to share that information with other kids. Parents can also contact their own office of the American Cancer Society to find a local anti-tobacco program in their area. Experts suggest getting the anti-smoking information to your kids often and early. Most children are offered cigarettes as young as Middle School.