Secretary of State Posts Controversial Statement on Facebook

Congress is edging closer to the so-called fiscal cliff. Programs like Medicare and social security are right in the heart of the debate, and Secretary of State Mark Martin chose to weigh-in on government entitlement programs on Facebook.

"Charity is not virtuous when it is not voluntary. Using the police powers of the state to hold a gun to somebody's head in order to pick their pockets to give to another person - no matter how seemingly noble or good the cause - is evil," wrote Martin.

KATV called his office Thursday to ask for clarification as to what programs in particular was writing against. Martin's spokesperson told us neither he nor the Secretary of State would clarify the post.

State democrats say they're disappointed with the Secretary of State's comments during a time when compromise may be the only way to avoid a fiscal disaster.

"We have huge challenges that we are facing both on the federal level and on the state level, and it's going to take real, noble leadership that will stand up and not allow this type of debate to go on. It's not even really a debate. It's just inflammatory language," said spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Arkansas Candace Martin.

The party went on to praise the work Senator Mark Pryor (D) is doing in Washington, saying he is one of the few willing to keep debate out of the mud - calling for compromise instead of calling names.