Senate expected to pass Marketplace Fairness Act

The Senate is expected to pass a bill Monday making it easier for states to collect sales taxes for online purchases.

Some of the nation's largest retailers are happy about it.
But small business owners who make their living selling products on the internet worry they will be swamped by new requirements from other states.
"If I were to start having to pay sales tax out of state, I would have to get another tax ID for that state," said Danielle Daugherty, who runs an online boutique out of Little Rock. "I would have to get structured where I could either pay online or send in payments for each and every state that I would ship to."
The Marketplace Fairness Act would allow 45 states, including Arkansas, and the District of Columbia to demand that online retailers tax customers.
The legislation will go to the House after the Senate vote.
Republican Congressman Steve Womack is backing the bill.